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0007078Part-1 Metamodel[TDL] Editorialpublic11-06-2015 16:0005-12-2019 06:47
Finn Kristoffersen 
Finn Kristoffersen 
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[TDL] Part-1 V1.2.1 
[TDL] Part-1 V1.3.1 
0007078: Check that the TDL-MM specification complies to the agreed presentation guidelines
The TDL-MM shall be presented in a consistent way complying to the
agreed guidelines for the presentation of the TDL-MM that will be part of the introduction clause of the TDL-MM document.

The MM presentation guidelines explains the structure and and layout
principles for the TDL-MM concepts.

All concepts in the TDL-MM specification must be checked for compliance
with the agreed guidelines.
TDL Part-1 v1.4.1 checked for consistent presentation of
the elements and concepts of the TDL MM in accordance with
the guidelines for the presentation.
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Finn Kristoffersen   
23-02-2018 08:54   
All elements and concepts checked for consistent
presentation in version 1.4.1 of TDL Part-1.