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0007760IFA013 - Os-Ma-Nfvo ref point Spec - info model[NFV Specifications] Bugpublic23-04-2018 13:5019-06-2019 22:19
Bruno Chatras 
Ulrich Kleber 
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v2.1.1 (published) 
0007760: Inconsistency between IFA013 and SOL005
The list of attributes of the IFA013 NfpRule information element is a subset of the list of attributes for the corresponding data types in SOL005.

The list of attributes in IFA013 should be expanded or a note should be added to indicate that additional attributes may be added as part of the developement of the corresponding protocol and data models.
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Ulrich Kleber   
24-10-2018 20:43   
Resolved by NFVIFA(18)000883
Ulrich Kleber   
19-06-2019 22:19   
Fixed in v3.1.3 by NFVIFA(18)000883r1