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0007788PKI ASN.1 (TS102941)[All Projects] Generalpublic24-08-2018 23:0619-03-2019 13:19
Matthew Mao 
Denis Filatov 
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0007788: Notation for SharedAtRequest.requestedSubjectAttributes causes constraint violation during encoding
SharedAtRequest.requestedSubjectAttributes is a CertificateSubjectAttributes with certIssuePermissions ABSENT without inheriting any from CertificateSubjectAttributes, but CertificateSubjectAttributes requires appPermissions and/or certIssuePermissions PRESENT, so there is no way to meet both constraints.
With OSS ASN.1 Studio:
1. export SharedAtRequest PDU from a directives
2. create value for SharedAtRequest PDU
3. expand SharedAtRequest PDU
4. see both requestedSubjectAttributes and appPermissions having "Presence constraint violated."
5. check appPermissions, see requestedSubjectAttributes having "Absence constraint violated."

There is no way to resolve the constraint violation issue.
Adding "...," to notation for SharedAtRequest.requestedSubjectAttributes can fix the issue.
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Matthew Mao   
28-08-2018 14:22   
So issue in InnerEcRequest.requestedSubjectAttributes and AuthorizationValidationResponse.confirmedSubjectAttributes.
Denis Filatov   
19-03-2019 13:19   
Fixed in v1.3.1