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0007792IFA013 - Os-Ma-Nfvo ref point Spec - info model[NFV Specifications] Bugpublic10-09-2018 09:5619-06-2019 22:20
Bruno Chatras 
Ulrich Kleber 
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0007792: Wrong statement about the use of vnfProfile
Clause has the following note:

NOTE: The vnfProfile information element in the NSD allows the OSS/BSS to specify the number of VNFs to be created at NS instantiation time. It is possible for this number to be zero.

However, this information element in IFA014 does not provide this information. To specify the number of instances to be created, the OSS/BSS should use the NsInstantiationLevelId

proposal: Remove this note.
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Ulrich Kleber   
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Resolved by NFVIFA(18)000819
Ulrich Kleber   
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Resolved in v3.1.3 by NFVIFA(18)000819