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0007795IFA014 - Network Service Templates Specification[NFV Specifications] Bugpublic13-09-2018 16:5913-09-2018 16:59
Bruno Chatras 
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0007795: Inconsiistencies on Monitoring information
1) At the end of Table, NOTE 3 and 4 refer to a monitoredInfo attribute. There is no such attribute in this table.
Proposal :
- add “of the NsDf from which the NS instance is created”
- rephrase the 2nd sentence as “There may be multiple data sources per rule, each corresponding to a different monitoredInfo attribute occurrence in of the NsDf from which the NS instance is created”.

2) Clause 6.2.8 defines a MonitoringParameter IE. Not consistent with IFA011 (lacks a collectionPeriod attribute)
Proposal: add a collectionPeriod attribute

3) In Table, the description of the flavourKey attribute refers to a “monitoredInfo attribute in the NSD” but there is no such attribute in the NSD.
Proposal: replace “in the NSD” with “in this NsDf”
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