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0007811SOL003 - Or-Vnfm protocols spec[NFV Specifications] Feature Gappublic15-10-2018 10:3821-02-2019 10:39
Bruno Chatras 
Uwe Rauschenbach 
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0007811: Relation between vnfdId and vnfPkgId
The correlation between the 2 identifiers vnfId and vnfPkgId is maintained by the NFVO. Upon request of vnf Instance Id creation the VNFM needs to query the NFVO to retrieve the vnfPgkId.
It was suggested to allow/recommend the NFVO to add this information in the createVnfInstanceReq
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Uwe Rauschenbach   
21-02-2019 10:39   
This bug has been resolved by dropping the vnfPkgId from the LCM interface. In the LCM interface, a VNF Package is now consisntently identified by the vnfdId. The vnfPkgId is retained in the VNF Package Management interface.