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Axel Rennoch 
Kristóf Szabados 
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0007855: BNF for ClassMember should not allow more than one ConstructorDef
In section A.3 the TTCN-3 syntax BNF production allows more than one instance of ConstructorDef.

Since section introduces one constructor only the BNF rules need to be corrected.
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Jacob Wieland - Spirent   
07-08-2019 12:44   
This is covered by the scoping rules. The constructor introduces a name create and two definitions of the same name in the same scope are not allowed.

Therefore, no BNF change is necessary.

Also, it would not be easy to formulate this on the BNF level.
Kristóf Szabados   
08-08-2019 14:29   
STF discussion: not necessary to restrict syntactically, the check is easier on semantic level.