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0007882CDD ASN.1 (TS 102 894-2)New Featurepublic01-10-2019 21:0401-10-2019 21:04
Hendrik-Joern Guenther 
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TS 102 894-2 V1.2.1 
0007882: Add GenerationDeltaTime to CDD
Other message formats, such as the currently standardized Collective Perception Message in TR 103 562 and TS 103 324 also make use of the DE_GenerationDeltaTime which is currently only specified in ETSI EN 302 637-2 (B.3). Instead, it should be specified in the CDD, to be able to import this DE in other message definitions as well.
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01-10-2019 21:04Hendrik-Joern GuentherNew Issue

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