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std::unique_ptr<security_db> _security_db;
unsigned long long _last_generation_time;
std::vector<unsigned char> _unknown_certificate;
int _latitude;
int _longitude;
int _elevation;
* \brief Default private ctor
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* \return 0 on success, negative value otherwise
int verify_and_extract_gn_payload(const OCTETSTRING& p_secured_gn_payload, const bool p_verify, OCTETSTRING& p_unsecured_gn_payload, Params& p_params);
int secure_gn_payload(const OCTETSTRING& p_unsecured_gn_payload, OCTETSTRING& p_secured_gn_payload, Params& p_params);
int setup(Params &p_params);
int store_certificate(const CHARSTRING& p_cert_id, const OCTETSTRING& p_cert, const OCTETSTRING& p_private_key, const OCTETSTRING& p_public_key_x, const OCTETSTRING& p_public_key_y, const OCTETSTRING& p_hashid8, const OCTETSTRING& p_issuer);
inline void set_position(const int p_latitude, const int p_longitude, const int p_elevation = 0) { _latitude = p_latitude; _longitude = p_longitude; _elevation = p_elevation; };