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#include "ec_keys.hh"
namespace IEEE1609dot2BaseTypes {
class HashAlgorithm;
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inline void set_position(const int p_latitude, const int p_longitude, const int p_elevation = 0) { _latitude = p_latitude; _longitude = p_longitude; _elevation = p_elevation; };
int read_certificate(const CHARSTRING& p_certificate_id, OCTETSTRING& p_certificate) const;
int read_certificate_digest(const CHARSTRING& p_certificate_id, OCTETSTRING& p_digest) const;
int read_private_key(const CHARSTRING& p_certificate_id, OCTETSTRING& p_private_key) const;
* \brief Decrypt (if required), verify and extract the unsecured payload from the IEEE1609dot2::Ieee1609Dot2Content data structure
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int hash_sha384(const OCTETSTRING& p_data, OCTETSTRING& p_hash_data);
int sign_ecdsa_nistp256(const OCTETSTRING& p_hash, IEEE1609dot2BaseTypes::Signature& p_signature, Params& p_params);
int verify_sign_ecdsa_nistp256(const OCTETSTRING& p_hash, const IEEE1609dot2BaseTypes::Signature& p_signature, const std::string& p_certificate_id, Params& p_params);
}; // End of class security_services