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 * \file      pcap_offline_layer.hh
 * \brief     Header file for ITS Offline Pcap port layer.
 * \author    ETSI STF525
 * \copyright ETSI Copyright Notification
 *            No part may be reproduced except as authorized by written permission.
 *            The copyright and the foregoing restriction extend to reproduction in all media.
 *            All rights reserved.
 * \version   0.1
#pragma once

#include <thread>
#include <mutex>

#include "t_layer.hh"
#include "params.hh"

#include <Octetstring.hh>

class PORT; //! Forward declaration of TITAN class

typedef struct pcap pcap_t;

 * \class pcap_layer
 * \brief  This class provides description of ITS PCAP port protocol layer
class pcap_offline_layer : public layer, public PORT {
  params _params;            //! Layer parameters
  pcap_t* _device;           //! Device handle
  std::thread* _thread;      //! Thread handle, used to read PCAP file instead of NIC, used in file mode
  std::mutex _resume;
  bool _running;             //! Set to true when the thread is running, used in file mode
  bool _realtime;            //! Set to true if realtime delay shall be added between packets
  bool _loop;                //! Set to true if playback shall be looped
  int  _fd[2];                //! pipe to signal to Titan

  params                _o_params;
  OCTETSTRING           _o_data;

  std::string           _time_key;

  static void* run(void* p_this);
  void* thread(void);
public: //! \publicsection
   * \brief Specialised constructor
   *        Create a new instance of the pcap_layer class
   * \param[in] p_type \todo
   * \param[in] p_param \todo
  pcap_offline_layer(const std::string& p_type, const std::string& param);
   * \brief Default destructor
  virtual ~pcap_offline_layer();

   * \virtual
   * \fn void send_data(OCTETSTRING& data, params& params);
   * \brief Send bytes formated data to the lower layers
   * \param[in] p_data The data to be sent
   * \param[in] p_params Some parameters to overwrite default value of the lower layers parameters
  virtual void send_data(OCTETSTRING& data, params& params);
   * \virtual
   * \fn void receive_data(OCTETSTRING& data, params& params);
   * \brief Receive bytes formated data from the lower layers
   * \param[in] p_data The bytes formated data received
   * \param[in] p_params Some lower layers parameters values when data was received
  virtual void receive_data(OCTETSTRING& data, params& info);
  void Handle_Fd_Event_Readable(int fd);