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 *  @author     STF 346, STF366, STF368, STF369, STF450, STF471
 *  @version    $Id: LibSip_Interface.ttcn 605 2014-02-27 10:42:56Z nikolajev $
 *  @desc        This module provides the types used by the test component
 *              for SIP-IMS tests. Module become from STF306 and STF334-336
 *              This module is part of LibSipV3.

module LibSip_Interface {
    // LibCommon
    import from LibCommon_Sync all;
    import from LibCommon_AbstractData all;
    import from LibCommon_BasicTypesAndValues all;
    import from LibCommon_DataStrings all;
    // LibSip
    import from LibSip_SIPTypesAndValues all;
    import from LibSip_SDPTypes all;
    import from LibSip_XMLTypes all;

    import from LibSip_PIXITS all;

    group AdressTypes {
        type record address4SIP {
            // HostPort
            charstring host optional,
            // hostname, IPv4 or IPv6
            integer portField
             optional // represented as an integer
        with {
            encode "SIPCodec";

        type address4SIP address;

    } // end group AdressTypes

    type port SipPort message {
        inout Request, REGISTER_Request, INVITE_Request, OPTIONS_Request, BYE_Request, CANCEL_Request, ACK_Request, PRACK_Request, NOTIFY_Request, SUBSCRIBE_Request, PUBLISH_Request, UPDATE_Request, REFER_Request, MESSAGE_Request, INFO_Request, Response, Raw;
    with {
        extension "address";

    signature s_SIP_conversation(
        in charstring text,
        out boolean answer
    ) ;
    signature s_SIP_ringing(
        in charstring text,
        out boolean answer
    ) ;
    signature s_SIP_announcementA(
        in charstring text,
        out boolean answer
    ) ;
    signature s_SIP_announcementB(
        in charstring text,
        out boolean answer
    ) ;
    signature s_SIP_announcement(
        in charstring text,
        out boolean answer
    ) ;
    signature s_SIP_voiceMessage(
        in charstring text,
        out boolean answer
    ) ;
    signature s_SIP_mediastopped(
        in charstring text,
        out boolean answer
    ) ;
    type port operatorPort procedure {
        inout s_SIP_conversation;
        inout s_SIP_ringing;
        inout s_SIP_announcementA;
        inout s_SIP_announcementB;
        inout s_SIP_announcement;
        inout s_SIP_voiceMessage;
        inout s_SIP_mediastopped;

    // Solution for building error problem. (Important for validation)
    // type component ImsComponent extends SipComponent need to be located in LibIms_Interface and not in LibSip_Interface module
    // With this solution TAU compiler error.
    // type component ImsComponent extends SipComponent
    // {
    // // general variables
    // var ImsInterfaceProfile vc_interfaceprofile
    // } // end ImsComponent
    type component SipComponent {
        // port
        port SipPort SIPP;
        // used for communication with the operator
        port operatorPort opPort;

        // current address to send TCP/UDP messages
        var SipUserProfile vc_userprofile; // PIXIT userinformation
        var address vc_sent_label; // removed because this value is predefined and used to open socket := {host := PX_SIP_SUT_IPADDR, portField := PX_SIP_SUT_PORT};
        // last incoming message
        var Response vc_response; // last incoming response message
        var boolean vc_boo_response := false; // to check if response received or not
        var Request vc_request; // last incoming request message
        var boolean vc_boo_request := false; // to check if request received or not
        var Request vc_requestFor407; // last INVITE request to be authorized if 407/401 received from Proxy
        var SipUrl vc_requestUri := c_empty_RequestUri;
        var SipUrl vc_requestUri2 := c_empty_RequestUri; // MRO
        var charstring vc_branch := "";
        var charstring vc_branch_ICSCF := "";
        var charstring vc_branch_SCSCF := "";

        // SIP message header fields (for building next message)
        var template(omit) CallId vc_callId := c_empty_CallId;
        var template(omit) CallId vc_callIdReg := c_empty_CallId;
        // TODO: STF471 added
        var template(omit) CallId vc_callIdSub := c_empty_CallId;
        var From vc_from := c_empty_From;
        var To vc_to := c_empty_To;
        var To vc_cancel_To := c_empty_To; // used for next CANCEL
        var Via vc_via := c_empty_Via;
        var Via vc_via_REG := c_empty_Via; // via used in last REGISTER
        var ContentType vc_contentType := c_empty_ContentType; // MRO
        var template(omit) RecordRoute vc_recordRoute; // value of RecordRoute header
        var boolean vc_boo_recordRoute := false; // boolean indicates valid recordRoute
        var template(omit) Route vc_route; // value of Route header
        var template(omit) Route vc_route_REG; // value of Route header from registration ServiceRoute header for initial Requests
            vc_reqUrnUri := {
                namespaceId := "",
                namespaceSpecificString := ""
        var boolean vc_boo_route := false; // boolean indicates valid Route
        var template(omit) Contact vc_contact; // value of Contact header
        var CSeq vc_cSeq := c_empty_cSeq; // value of CSeq header
        var template(value)
            vc_rAck := {
                fieldName := RACK_E,
                responseNum := 1,
                seqNumber := 1,
                method := "INVITE"
            }; // value of RAck header

        // address to send request
        var HostPort vc_reqHostPort := {//STF471 removed PIXIT assignment, should be performed in specific ATS
            host := "",    // former PX_SIP_SUT_IPADDR value
            portField := 5060       //former PX_SIP_SUT_PORT value
        var template(omit) Privacy vc_privacy;
        var HistoryInfo_List vc_historyInfoList := {}; // value of history list according to RFC4244
        var SipUrl vc_confURI; // conference URI according to TS124147 ch.
        var SDP_Message vc_sdp_remote; // incoming SDP offers
        var SDP_Message vc_sdp_local; // SDP values to be sent
        var XmlBody vc_xml_remote; // incoming XML value
        var template XmlBody vc_xml_local; // SDP values to be sent
        var template(omit) CSeq vc_iut_CSeq := c_empty_cSeq; // value of last CSeq header used by the IUT in request
        // To/From header-fields to be used if the callee will release the session
        var To vc_callee_To := c_empty_To;
        var From vc_callee_From := c_empty_From;
        // To/From header-fields to be used if the caller will release the session
        var To vc_caller_To := c_empty_To;
        var From vc_caller_From := c_empty_From;
        var Authorization vc_authorization;

        // variables for storing default references
        var default vc_default;
        var default vc_def_catchSyncStop;

        // general timers
        timer tc_T1 := 0.5;//STF471 default value, should be set in specific ATS, former PX_SIP_T1
        timer tc_Tf := 32.0;//STF471 default value, should be set in specific ATS, former PX_SIP_TF
        timer tc_wait := PX_SIP_TWAIT;
        timer tc_ack := PX_SIP_TACK;
        timer tc_resp := PX_SIP_TRESP;
        timer tc_noAct := PX_SIP_TNOACT; // time for SUT to get idle state
        // timer TRept;
        // timer TSync := 10.0; //STF471 default value, should be set in specific ATS, former PX_SIP_TSYNC
        timer tc_guard := 120.0; //STF471 default value, should be set in specific ATS, former PX_SIP_TGUARD
        timer tc_tDelay := 32.0;

        var float vc_tcRESP := PX_SIP_TRESP; // standard value for TRESP (may be modified in particular tests)
        // indicators set/used parameter status or state handling in default
        var boolean vc_sdp_remote_is_valid := false; // true if there is a value in v_SDP_remote
        var boolean vc_history_is_valid := false; // true if there is a HistoryList in response message
        var boolean vc_send_SDP := false; // send SDP in the next outgoing message
        var boolean vc_ignore_bye := false; // enable ignore of repeated bye in default
        var boolean vc_ignore_invite := false; // enable ignore invite in default
        var boolean vc_ignore_subscribe := false; // enable ignore subscribe in default
        var boolean vc_ignore181 := false; // enable ignore of 181 in default
        var boolean vc_ignore484 := false; // enable ignore of 484 in default
        var boolean vc_ignore4xx := false; // enable ignore of 4xx in default
        var boolean vc_ignore200OKinv := false; // enable ignore of 200OKinv in default
        var boolean vc_ignore_notify := false; // enable ignore of notify in default
        var boolean vc_supported_100rel := false; // true if the received invite contains 100rel
        var boolean vc_supported_precondition := false; // true if the received invite contains precondition
        var boolean vc_MESSAGEreceived := false; // true if MESSAGE received during altstep
        var boolean vc_first_recv := false; // true after receipt of first incomming SIP message
        var boolean vc_firstREGISTER_sent := false; // true after sent of first REGISTER message
        var boolean vc_DeregDone := false; // true after first DeREGISTRATION trail (avoid loop)
        var boolean vc_interface_isc := false; // true if isc interface is in use
        var boolean v_white_space := false; // MRO
        // TODO: TT change
        var boolean vc_subscribed := false;
        // ETS address
        var address v_ets_label; /*STF471 removed assignment, should be performed in specific ATS
            := {
                host := PX_SIP_TS1_IPADDR,
                portField := PX_SIP_TS1_PORT

        // parts needed for Client/SelfSyncComp type compatibility
        var StringStack v_stateStack := c_initStringStack;
        port SyncPort syncSendPort;
        port SyncPort syncPort;
        timer tc_sync := PX_TSYNC_TIME_LIMIT;
    // // used for communication with the operator
    // port operatorPort_SIP opPort;
    } // end SipComponent
} // end module LibSip_Interface